Thetis Island, BC in Canada

Thanksgiving Camp in Thetis Island, 2018


Barcelona in Spain

Gaudi park, Barcelona in Spain, 2018


Paris in France

Eiffel tower, Paris in France, 2018


Venice in Italy

Night view, Venice in Italy, 2018


Florence in Italy

Duomo, Florence in Italy, 2018


Rome in Italy

Colosseum, Rome in Italy, 2018


Athens in Greece

Lykavittos hill in Athens, Greece, 2018


Santorini in Greece

Oia village, Santorini in Greece, 2018


Okinawa in Japan

Whale Shark, Churaumi Aquarium, Okinwa in Japan, 2018


Jeju island in Korea

Hyeopjae beach, Jeju in Korea, 2018


University of California Irvine in Orange County

University of California Irvine in USA, 2018


Vladivostok in Russia

PICES Conference in Russia, 2017

Saipan Island

snorkeling at Grutto in Saipan, 2017


Phuket in Thailand

Somewhere, Phuket in Thailand, 2016


Jeonju Hanok Heritage Village in South Korea

A traditional Korean Village area in Korea, 2015


Vancouver in Canada

Gastown, Vancouver in Canada, 2014


Rocky Mountain National Park in Canada

Rocky mountain in Canada, 2014


Niagara Falls in Canada

Niagara Fall, Toronto in Canada, 2014


Chicago in the US

The city view, Chicago in USA, 2014


Las Vegas in the US

Night view, Las Vegas in USA, 2013


Grand Canyon National Park in the US

Grand Canyon in USA, 2013


Death Valley National Park in the US

Death Valley National Park in USA, 2013


Ottawa in Canada

Ottawa in Canada, 2013


Toronto in Canada

The Toronto city view from Toronto Island in Canada, 2013


New York in the US

Central Park, New York in USA, 2013


Lake Huron in Canada

Lake Huron in Canada, 2013


Silmido, South Korea

Silmido Island in Korea, 2012


Prague in Czech Republic

City view, Prague in Czech Republic, 2011


Salzburg in Austria

Sound of music in Austria, 2011


London in United Kingdom

Tower Bridge, London in British, 2011


Interlaken in Switzerland

Top of Jungfraujoch in Switzerland, 2011


Milan in Italy

Duomo di Milano in Italy, 2011


Amsterdam in Netherlands

Zaanse Schans in Netherland, 2011