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Ameliorating algal biomass productivities through bacterial mutualistic effects

The role of Phytoplankton-bacterial interactions in marine microbial ecology

My master’s thesis aimed at sustainable and better productivities of phytoplankton culturing technique for the future bioenergy and biofuel.   I found two different bacteria, showing growth promoting effects on microalgae, Tetraselmis striata, and one of their mutualistic interactions had been revealed by my published paper in Frontiers in Plant Science.


Research Assistant, Hanyang University, Korea

-Project Title: Environmental foundation investigation business
-Supporting Body: Ministry of Environment, The Republic of Korea
-Involved Job description:
Distinguish ecotype/genotype of harmful Cyanobacteria within the Hangang River’s water system and study the source of algal bloom occurrence and extinction time prediction techniques, based on seed bank investigation.

-Project Title: marine life engineering technology development, marine ecology evaluation
-Supporting Body: Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, The Republic of Korea
-Involved Job Description:
1. Monitor ecosystem response of constant biogeochemical elements’waters surrounding maritime artificial microalgal mass-culture for bioenergy production.
2. Understand minute food web structure through outdoor mesocosm experiment and carry out function change analysis and biogeochemical circulation and energy flow analysis, in order to learn more about the micro ecosystem.

-Project Title: HABs ecotype population genetic behavior and diverse competition strategy research
-Supporting Body: National Research Foundation of Korea
-Involved Job description:
Determine ecosystem disturbance type, apply intra-specific (genotype/ribotype) molecule probe monitoring technology development for early detection and quantitative analysis, investigate the influx of ecosystem disturbance form into South Korea and new outbreak mechanisms of ecosystem disturbance HABs.